The Unbelievable Awesomeness of

I have to take a moment to call out a really extraordinary service that I have done business with for several years.  The name of the business is "", and it is run by one of the unknown soldiers for Internet integrity, Marc Perkel.

I became aware of this service because of the curmudgeonly rantings of John C. Dvorak, one of the most respected and longest running tech journalists still living.  He famously ranted "I GET NO SPAM" several years ago on my favorite tech podcast, TWIT (go to for more on that), and I never quite forgot it.

As a result, when I was a bit frustrated with my efforts to control spam for clients who were using their own hosted email, mostly set up by me on Microsoft Exchange, I tracked Marc down and found that I was dealing with him personally in setting up service, and that he responded with lightning speed and perfect accuracy in setting up filtering service for my accounts.  The price for this service is amazingly low, and he can scale to whatever you need to support.

Furthermore, he is dedicated to our freedom and privacy on the Internet.  If you are not hosting your own email, but you want a completely secure and uncompromising email hosting service for yourself or your small business, then Marc is your man.  He provides that service also at similarly reasonable rates.

If you are still hosting email using Small Business Server or something similar like MDaemon, and you or your client cannot or will not migrate to a cloud service like Office 365 or Google Apps for Business, then you would be well served to put Marc's service in front of your own.  His is an extremely effective filter, and as I mentioned above, he works very hard to deliver service and support immediately via email.  It is very convenient to work with him.

Thanks to Marc for his help today, and lets hope that more like him step forward to eliminate spam and all of the nefarious cruft that crosses the Internet every day.