Significant upgrade to SpamSoap

Please note these significant enhancements to the SpamSoap service.  The bottom line for my clients is this:

If you click on a web link in an email after SpamSoap has enabled this service on May 13, your click will be redirected through an AntiMalware gateway that will pre-scan the website and determine if the link is malicious.

If the link is malicious, you will receive a notification Window from the AntiMalware gateway rather than reaching the infected website and downloading the malware to your computer.

This is a major development for us because SpamSoap has distinguished between “scan-time”, and “click-time” infection states, meaning that an email might carry a link that is benign in transit to the recipient, but becomes infected after the message has passed through our scanning mechanisms and been approved for delivery.  Even in such a case, because this capability includes “click-time” testing, the user is protected.

Since email borne web links have become the most potent vector for malware infection to our clients, we feel that this improvement is a major step in removing this category of threat.